Tech Trends to be on the Look-out for

To assist in addressing this question – a question that how to spy on a cell phone in most quarters will leave consulting firms smiling all the way to the bank. Below are some of the tech trends that are touted to have the potential to cause ripples in the tech world.

Energy Storage and Renewable Energy

The future of energy is green. In fact our hope of facing out a culture of over-reliance on fossil fuels is hinged on a robust exploitation of green energy. The latest trends have shown faster adoption of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) which typically exploit the power of renewable energies whose reliability for both consumer and utility continues to increase.
While we may be sure that they will be continuity of the downward trend in fossil fuel dependence, this is by no means an indication that we are out of the wood works. All the same, the good news is that considerations are being made to put up alternatives such as micro-grids and nanogrids, especially in the poorer developing economies.

Another trend is the increasing expectation by consumers to be offered flexible, reliable and well managed sources of energy. Consumers have whetted their appetites for intelligent systems that come with automation capabilities to make sound, autonomous judgments about energy usage and saving.

Lithium-Ion is the predominant rechargeable battery we all know. Pundits predict a thirty percent in prices in the next decade. This will no doubt change applications in the storage of renewable energy as well as boosting the proliferation of electric vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicles

This is as interesting as it gets. The marriage of silicon chips with automobiles. The metamorphosis of the average vehicle into an autonomous vehicle occurs when the former becomes more of a computer on wheels. A closer look reveals that traditional car makers – Ford, Mercedes, Toyota have not gone all out in aiding this natural process. This set back could be as a result of the fact that such companies may not have experience with computer technology. However, looking at the prevailing trends, it is only a matter of time before all car makers will have to shape up or ship out – especially with computer companies like Tesla coming up with incredible products.

If all players in the automotive industries are to take a cue from the likes of Tesla (and they are at least beginning to) then it won’t be long before sophisticated and intelligent vehicles on our highways become the norm rather than the exception.

Advancements in Robotics

The writing is on the wall in as far as robots go. Recent times have seen a wave of obsession with robotics blowing across all aspects of our lives from increased media coverage to governments pumping millions into robotics related projects.

This trend has resulted in the annihilation of the obstacles hitherto facing advancements in robotics such as high costs in design, software and hardware. The cost of industrial robots or even drones has fallen drastically in the last couple of years. As a result we expect an increase in the application of robots in areas such as agriculture, industry, aviation etc.

The key to improving processing by Robots lies in cloud robotics. Sensor reach robots of the future should be able to have access to and process vast amounts of data in the cloud and even share this data with other robots in real time. Additionally they will be able to gather data from social media – videos, texts, images etc – and in turn use this information to expand their cognitive abilities and improve their capabilities greatly. This is an amazing reality in the technology world.